When to Call a Professional for Wood Floor Repairs

When to Call a Professional for Wood Floor Repairs?

Wood floors bring warmth and elegance to any home, making them one of the most coveted flooring options. However, they are not immune to damage. From deep scratches and water damage to structural issues, wood floors can exhibit various problems over time. While some minor issues might seem like feasible DIY projects, many situations require the expertise of a professional. At Abita Wood Floors in Abita Springs, LA, we specialize in comprehensive shop-at-home flooring services, including professional wood floor repairs. Here's when it's crucial to call in the experts and why.

1. Deep Scratches and Gouges

Light scratches on wood floors can often be treated with DIY solutions, such as touch-up kits or filler sticks. However, deep scratches and gouges that penetrate the finish and damage the wood itself need professional attention. Professionals use color-matched wood filler and the correct tools to seamlessly repair these damages, ensuring that the repair blends perfectly with the surrounding area.

2. Water Damage

Water is a formidable enemy of wood floors. Whether it's from a flood, a leaking appliance, or high humidity, water can cause warping, staining, and buckling. Repairing water-damaged wood floors is not just about aesthetics but also about preventing further structural damage. Professionals can assess the extent of the moisture damage, replace severely damaged planks, and ensure that the subfloor is dry and mold-free before laying down new wood.

3. Split or Cracked Wood

Over time, wooden planks might develop splits or cracks due to dry conditions or natural wear and tear. While small, superficial cracks can sometimes be filled with a DIY wood putty, larger splits require the expertise of a professional who can either clamp and glue the split without further damaging the plank or replace it entirely if necessary.

4. Sagging or Uneven Floors

If your wood floors are sagging or feel uneven when you walk on them, it might indicate a more severe issue with the subfloor or the floor’s structural integrity. Such problems can pose safety risks and should be addressed by a professional. A professional can assess the underlying cause of the issue and make the necessary repairs to the subfloor or joists to ensure your floor is stable and level.

5. Extensive Stains

While some stains can be removed with floor cleaners or sanding, extensive or deep stains caused by pet urine or water may require more intensive treatment. Professionals have the tools and techniques to sand the stained area effectively and apply a new finish that matches the rest of your floor. Attempting to sand floors without the proper equipment can lead to uneven surfaces or further damage.

6. Refinishing Needs

Refinishing wood floors is a massive undertaking that involves sanding down the floors to their bare wood and applying new stains and finishes. This process is intricate and requires professional-grade equipment and knowledge to avoid mistakes like uneven sanding or improper application of finishes. Professionals ensure a uniform and durable finish, significantly enhancing the look and lifespan of your floors.

7. Historical Floor Restoration

Restoring historical wood floors requires not just skill but an understanding of the materials and techniques that were used originally. Professionals specializing in historical restorations can source the appropriate materials and use techniques that preserve the floor's original character and authenticity.

The Risks of DIY in Complex Wood Floor Repairs

While DIY projects can be rewarding, they come with risks, especially with complex wood floor repairs:
  • Further Damage: Without the proper tools and techniques, there's a significant risk of causing further damage to the floors.
  • Increased Costs: Mistakes made during DIY repairs can lead to higher costs down the line when you eventually need to call in a professional to correct the work.
  • Time Consumption: Professional repairers have the experience to complete the job efficiently, whereas DIY efforts can extend much longer than anticipated.
  • Safety Issues: Some repairs, particularly those involving structural issues, can be unsafe if not handled properly.


At Abita Wood Floors, we understand the complexities involved in wood floor repairs. Our shop-at-home services make it easy for you to consult with professionals who can assess the damage and provide high-quality repairs right from the comfort of your home in Abita Springs, LA. When it comes to protecting and restoring the beauty of your wood floors, partnering with a professional is often the safest and most cost-effective approach.