Hardwood floor sanding


Hardwood Floor Sanding

For most of the hardwood flooring services we provide, hardwood floor sanding is necessary to ensure the highest quality of work. Hardwood floor sanding is not an easy task, and the margin for error is extremely small.

Fortunately, Abita Wood Floors has the years of expertise to ensure that when we sand your hardwood floors, it will be done with the caution and skill necessary to do the job right the first time. We are dedicated to providing you with hardwood floor services that will last a lifetime, as we never cut corners and take great pride in the quality customer service we provide. We are a licensed and insured hardwood flooring company serving Northshore and surrounding areas.

Why is Hardwood Floor Sanding So Difficult?

Hardwood floor sanding is a big job that is messy and challenging. Attempting to conduct this type of project on your own without any prior sanding experience can result in significant damage to your existing hardwood floors. Not to mention, sanding hardwood floors can also be dangerous and harmful as necessary precautions must take place before such a job can be done. For instance, operating a professional grade sander is extremely demanding, proper ventilation is needed and many times the sander will use a respirator during the hardwood floor sanding process.

The hardwood floor contracting professionals at Abita Wood Floors know how to properly prep, sand, clean and finish your valuable hardwood floors, all the while containing the mess, protecting themselves and respecting the job site. All our hardwood floor staining, and refinishing services require a high-quality sanding job. Failure to sand hardwood floors properly before staining or refinishing will result in a blotchy and poor quality finish.



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Expert Hardwood Floor Sanding

Here at Abita Wood Floors, we have the expertise to transform your hardwood flooring desires into a reality. Hardwood flooring looks amazing, but why else would you choose this type of flooring for your business or personal living space? Our hardwood flooring specialists are here to give you their expert opinion on which hardwood flooring is right for your home or area. Give us a call today, we are available to assist you with design, installation, color, style, and much much more. By choosing Abita Wood Floors, we promise you won’t regret it.