Crafting Timeless Beauty: Custom Hardwood Floors, Abita Springs, LA

There are many benefits of hardwood flooring versus other types of flooring for your home or office space. Many people choose hardwood flooring for aesthetic reasons alone. Hardwood flooring, when done right, exudes class, sophistication, and distinct style. This flooring option can provide either a sleek or rustic look depending on your personal preference and space design.

The benefits of hardwood flooring are numerous and they include:

  • Clean and allergy friendly: Hardwood floors are significantly easier to keep clean than traditional carpeting. Unlike carpet flooring, hardwood floors do not hide dust, dirt or other harmful allergens resulting in healthier indoor air quality.
  • Low maintenance: Another benefit of hardwood flooring is the fact that it is extremely low maintenance. Once hardwood flooring is properly installed in your home or office, it is relatively simple to maintain. Carpeting can become extremely dirty, and over time would need to be replaced. In contrast, hardwood flooring is easy to clean and can last a lifetime. If ever your hardwood floor becomes damaged or stained, instead of replacing your floors, you can refinish or stain them.
  • High quality look and feel: Hardwood flooring can definitely add high-end aesthetic and elegant look to any room in your home, but won’t necessarily cost you a fortune.
  • Increased value of home or business: Hardwood flooring never goes out of style and will increase the value of your home or office space.
  • Renewable resource: Wood is a natural and renewable resource. It is not synthetic or artificially made, which is a huge selling point for many of our satisfied customers.

Why choose Abita Wood Floors

Here at Abita Wood Floors, we have the expertise to transform your hardwood flooring desires into a reality. Hardwood flooring looks amazing, but why else would you choose this type of flooring for your business or personal living space? Our hardwood flooring specialists are here to give you their expert opinion on which hardwood flooring is right for your home or area. Give us a call today, we are available to assist you with design, installation, color, style, and much much more. By choosing Abita Wood Floors, we promise you won’t regret it.

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Commonly used wood floors in the Abita Springs, LA area


White oak

Red oak

Caribbean heart pine

Antique heart pine

Brazilian cherry


Many more domestic and exotic wood flooring products optional as well.