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What to know about subfloor installation

Every hardwood surface must have the correct subfloor installation, which can affect everything about the flooring experience, especially over time. The subfloor is the foundation for any flooring, but it's crucial for hardwood floors, often featuring nail-down installation methods. Here's some vital information to help you make the best subfloor choices for your wood flooring products.

Subfloor installation facts

Subflooring is the bottom structure level of your flooring and should be level, durable, and free from residue and damage, especially for hardwood flooring. Even the slightest deviations can cause problems, noise, and potential future damage, so it's essential to take great care with subfloor installation for the hardwood installation process. When you need a new subfloor, it’s always best to use only professional technicians who understand these specific needs and how to create a subfloor that serves you best. Avoiding mistakes is also part of our service, as we double-check all the most critical issues, such as spacing at ends and edges, using stable lumber, and avoiding nail pops, pullouts, and shiners. These are only a few ways we offer the best attention to detail, and we always check our work once the service is complete. In addition, knowing how to install subfloor materials helps to avoid squeaking, improper nailing, and missing fasteners, to name a few, and gives you confidence that will last for decades. Even with the best subflooring installation, extended exposure to elements can cause problems over time. For example, OSB can experience edge swelling, and plywood can delaminate, needing attention as soon as possible. To learn more about the subfloor installation process, contact us whenever you're ready for answers.



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